Vulnerability and Wooing with Sharon Tiger

In Rockstars Rocking Podcast by Ryan Miller

This episode of the #RockstarsRocking podcast features one of my favorite friends and total b@d@$$ rockstar, Sharon Tiger, Official Customer Woo-er, out of the DC-Baltimore area.

In order to earn new business, you have to “Woo” to “Win” which leads to “Woo-Hoo” for both you, and your new client! Sharon discusses the customer “wooing” experience and how she’s been able to build her personal brand on social media in such a short period of time. To accomplish this, she talks about how vulnerability and authenticity has been the magic secret to her success, thus far. We also jump into the age-old $64,000 question that everyone always wants to know the answer too… is there such a thing as “perfect timing”?

Tune in for all of this, and more, on this week’s edition of the #RockstarsRocking podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  • Woo, Win, and Woo-Hoo – being the “Official Customer Woo’er”
  • Building her personal brand in such a short period of time
  • Being vulnerable and authentic on social media
  • “You’re always right on time for whatever is meant to be in that moment”

So, I only have one question for you…? 

Are you ready to rock…?!

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